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PENANG: Dr John Wong, one of the memebers of the Heng Ee school board of directors, also paid tribute to the late Fr Julien. Below is his eulogy:

"I was a student of Fr Julien and spent the first 10 years of my education to Heng Ee Primary School and Heng Ee Private Secondary School, the predecessor of the now Sekolah Menengah Heng Ee. Heng Ee was named after the first ambassador of the Holy See to China, His eminence Constantini, an Italian, who took the Chinese name of Gang Heng Ee.

Fr Julien was a great admirer of Matteo Ricci, the Italian Jesuit who brought our Catholic faith into China some 450 years ago, and I tend to think that Fr Matteo Ricci, the Italian Jesuit who brought our Catholc fatith into China some 450 years agao, and I tend to think that Fr Matteo Ricci was the source of inspiration of his undying fervant love for the Chinese speaking community.

Perhaps I can best comare the charism of Fr Julien to "a silk worm that only ceases to spit out its thread upon its death and a candle that only ceases to shed its tears when it burns out", quoted from a Chinese poem.

I thank Fr Julien for my trilingual eductaion, and I would dare even go further to say that once upon a time my desire for the Jesuit vocation was clearly insired by him. I take pride to say that Fr Julien had done well as an eductionist, but first and foremost he had done just as well as a priest who had tried all his life to imitate his master Lord Jesus.

Fr Julien had not only seen tens of thousands of students graduating from heng Ee, but also 2 priestly vocations from Heng Ee, in the preson of Jacob Wong my nephew who will be ordained a deacon next year in Taiwan, and a Camilian priest in the year 2006, and brother Aloysius Tan, the one who did the first reading today, who is now in his first year in the College General.

Not to mention the many Young Christian Students Movement members and Younch Christian Workers' Movement members and people in Sitiawan who were baptise, inspired by his witness.

Fr Julien's first love was Heng Ee, but he did not forget his priestly ministry and continued to bear abundant fruits in both missions. I am sure he will continue to do so in Heaven where he wuld be a powerful intercessor for the people. Father does not only belong to the Church and his Master, but he belongs to te people as well.

Fr Julien has indeed done exceedingly well, and I can imagine the Lord saying to him. "Well done my fatihful sevant, enter the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world."

May the food Lord his Mster take his hands and swiftly but gently lead him to the eternal happiness which he deserves in every way."

extract from HERALD news dated Sept 26, 2004 page 4



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