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Belgian who
gave his all to the poor

Instead, he (Fr. Julien) used the money to give away to poor students.
SM Heng Ee acting principa Goh Boon Poh.

The Star newspaper

Belgian who gave his all to the poor

The Herald News

He was a friend to all

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He sailed to Malaysia 52 years age and dedicated a great paret of his life to education and helping the poor.

By the time he passed away on Saturday, at the Little Sisters of the Poor home, Datuk Father Arthur Julien had touched many hearts - from students to labourers and fishermen.

The 87-year-old Belgian missionary, who spoke fluent Mandarin and Hokkien, had founded three Chinese schools - the heng Ee Primary School in 1952, its secondary school in 1967 and pre-school in 1969.

Father Julien was known to for out money from his own pockets to give to the poor and was a familiar face to many low-income families in Air Itam and George Town whom he would visit regularly decades ago.

He had even donated his inheritance of RM60,000.00 from his father to construct the SM Heng Ee's building at Hamilton Road.

SM Heng Ee acting principal Goh Boon Poh said:
"He would not spend donations from well wisheres on himself. Instead, he used the oney to give away to poor students who otherwise could not afford to buy school books and food." he said.

The flags at all three schools were flown at half-mast.

On Saturday, uon learning of his death due to old age, droves of people, some from as far as Singapore, came to pay their last respects.

International Young Christian Students Movement (YCS) Asian region co-ordinator Teh Ah See said:"He was a friend to the poor as he would often visit poor residents in Rifle Range, Presgrave Street and Noordin Street Ghaut.

Research officer Loh Yen Siew, 25, was among sic YCS memebres who flew in from Singapore.

"We wouldn't be waht we are if it had not been for him.

"He showed us courage and persistence through his sharing and deeds>"

A special mass will be held at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Island Park at 10am tomorrow while the funeral procession will start from there at 11.45am end at Sm heng ee.

later, his coffin will be laid to rest at the Catholic Cemetery at Jalan Kelawei.

Extract from The Star newpaper,
dated 13 Septemeber 2004, Monday, page 10 Nation.